We dissect the ways technology shape our businesses. 
discuss its impact. We discover the answers!

Digital Ignite Asia, the premier forum for business leaders to engage with technology experts and arm themselves for tomorrow. The event showcases the capabilities of the latest technologies across vital business functions, and focuses on real-world, deployable applications.

Digital Transformation is the shift of organizational activities and processes to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies. For businesses, this tends to focus on vital areas such as: improved efficiency (cutting costs and waste), higher performance (smoother operations, higher sales), and greater reach (new markets, new audiences).

We need no further evidence that digital technologies are changing the face of business, the important questions are:
Is your organization ready to embrace such change?
How does one implement ‘digital transformation’ in a practical sense?
What results can one expect from it?

Digital Ignite Asia is essential for:

  • Leaders of Industry
  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • IT Departments
  • All Employees & Business Practitioners hungry for progress!

Upcoming Events

Cambodia 15th of December – Register here

About iTrain Asia

Headquartered in Singapore, iTrain Asia Pte. Ltd. is a Digital Tech Certification Body that provides in-demand high quality Digital Tech certification exams, course materials and trainings via its Authorised Training Partners (ATP). Its certifications are currently being rolled out to Individuals, Corporations and also Universities throughout 16 countries in Asia.

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iTrain Asia Pte. Ltd works with an ever-widening network of Authorised Training Providers (ATPs) and Academy Partners (AAPs) to roll out high-quality digital tech certifications, exams, training and courseware to the masses.

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