Are you planning to become a data scientist? If yes, then you have to learn Python programming language. Why? Python is the number one programming language in the world of data scientists. It emphasises on code readability and clear programming on both small and large scales, allowing you to focus on your research, product, or project.

In this 4-day journey, you will be exposed to multiple development environments so you can choose the best one for you. You will be taught step-by-step how to program in Python. You will go through all the steps of a Data Science project starting from data importing, data cleaning, data analysing, to data visualisation which reveals new insights.

In summary, you will gain a complete understanding of Python with Data Science from the ground up

Target Group

This workshop is intended for individuals who are interested in learning Data Science, or who want to begin their career as a data scientist.

Certified Python Programmer for Data Science Exam Details

Duration: 2 Hours
Number of Questions: 50 Multiple Choice
Passing Score: 70%
Open Book: No
Electronic Equipment allowed: No
Training Method: Instructor Led
Language: English

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